Born in Tours, major city of the Loire Valley, I grew up in the Loire Valley in the cities of Bourges, Orléans, Chartres and Blois. After university in Hotel & Management I worked 10 years in fine dining restaurants.
In love with the “Terroirs” of France I have a passion for food and wine. I have a serious work experience as Sommelier, Chef Sommelier, wine buyer for SLH and finally as a Michelin Star awarded Restaurant manager. During my military service, I had the privilege to be the private headwaiter of the French Health Ministry.

Creation of the Loire Valley oenotouristique pole, Caves Duhard.
Wine speaker experience in: England, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, United States, Mexico, Russia, Scotland.
I am very much attached to my Culture and to French patrimony. It is for me essential to present you our heritage in the best conditions possible and with passion. Pioneer in the world of “Oenotourisme”, all the wine makers we work with have references in my personal cellar.
The Experience is the living memory of your trip. A good incentive, a good trip can only be authentic if you meet men and women, in love with their jobs and ready to share their “Savoir Faire” (wine makers, cheese maker, oyster farms, truffle farmers, Chefs, Master artisans…).
The teams of national Guides of the agency are all professionals and guide our clients all across France.
It is in this spirit that my staff and I develop France Intense.
My motto: The best is enough.



After obtaining her diploma in accounting and finance, Florie worked in an accounting office for 7 years. During this time she became a professional in all what concerns accounting firms (accounting entry, accounting balance sheet, etc…).
Originating from the very touristic Touraine, she was willing to participate in a more active way in one company; that’s how she joined France Intense team in 2014.



After 5 years of Business school, Laure’s choice was to work in tourism, where she could enjoy to sell “pleasure and leisure” to people.
Hired in 2009, she now knows the agency by heart. Born and raised in the Loire Valley, she learned to accumulate so much knowledge on the other regions, that she can sell them giving remarkable precise details!
Tour planner selling tours yesterday, she just came back to her first specialty: marketing and public relations. She takes care of all communication medium, the development of the new brands, the IT tool, the pricing policy…



Maëliss decided to make a career in tourism after great experiences in hotels, and abroad, in South Wales. After having lived in Provence, in Normandy and in Great Britain, she finally settled in the heart of the Loire Valley, in the pretty town of Amboise.
Graduated of a diploma in French tourism, she knows the best ways to make you discover our cultural and gastronomic heritages. Gastronomic you said ? Her palate is nearly her only guide !



During the last 5 years of her studies, Cecile spent most of her time outside of France. Between the United States and Portugal, she spent years completing several internships and study abroad focused on organizing events and business trips. Once she received her Masters in Business Tourism and Event Management, she settled down in the Touraine region where she currently lives but she is still very much attached to her Angevine roots.
She's very passionate about languages, and can't wait to organize your trip in English or Portuguese!



Andréa was drawn into to tourism by her passion for foreign languages. With Portuguese origins, she has always loved to travel and discover other cultures. She graduated from the famous tourism school in Blois with a degree in tourist management.
She has always lived in the historical city of Blois and knows the Valley of the Kings with all the castles, like the back of her hand. But not to worry, she also knows how to share her passion for all the other different regions of France.



He is a gourmet and wine expert. Gastronomic restaurants and bistros have no secrets for him. National Tour Guide by profession, he knows how to tell you about the castles and French history like nobody else.
Rather than following a guided tour, you’ll be travelling back in time with plenty of humor and anecdotes. Comedian? Well, he could have been… but he will always be a charmer!



Born and raised in the Dordogne region of France, an area known worldwide for its prehistoric caves of Lascaux and its countless medieval castles, I naturally developed a deep interest in history, art and architecture. After I obtained college degrees in both art and foreign languages, I took an intensive tour guide course and received a license as a professional tour guide.
Four years ago, I began guiding tourists in the wonderful Loire Valley and decided to settle here. I fell in love with its gastronomy (my personal favorite: the goat cheese), its changing river landscapes, and of course its breathtaking Renaissance châteaux. It is my great pleasure to share all that beauty with visitors to my country and to introduce them to the French culture. I am also fond of traveling, I studied in England, worked in the United States, volunteered in India and Peru, and been to many places in Europe. I never miss a chance to go exploring, and never without my guitar!



History and art lover, as well as wine and gastronomy adorer, he purposely decided to settle in Touraine. He appreciates the light, the colors of the trees, the castles and the wines, as well as the palpable presence of our kings, queens and illustrious characters. Amid his daydreams and poetry, He likes to laugh, learn and get interested in all what surrounds him, like nature and literature, art and social life of our ancestors.
That’s with happiness and enjoyable mood that he shares the wealth of our beautiful Loire Valley… In winter, he follows the path of the storks and migrates towards warm countries like Asia or America, in order to, like them, come back in a great shape in spring and welcome you with great enthusiasm.



After graduating from business school, Cyril started working as a guide in 2009 on the river of Chenonceau. His experiences led him to work at the Clos-Lucé, the last residence of Leonardo Da Vinci, for 5 years.
Passionate with history from the very beginning, he became a specialist on all the history of the Renaissance as well as Tuscan artists. Trilingual in French, English and Spanish, he received his professional license card for tour guiding in 2015. He shares his knowledge with a passion!



Curious to discover the world, Amanda traveled a lot and lived abroad. When she came back to France, she was willing to share the wealth of her country and her passion for history, gastronomy and wine. Graduated from university in history major, she got her national guide license and started to work for France Intense in the Loire Valley in 2011. There, her mission was to make people discover the castles and the wines of the Loire, as well as the other regions like Champagne, Normandy and Burgundy. At the end her heart tilted for Champagne where she is now living and working as the regional manager of « France Bubbles Tours ». You’ll understand soon enough, Champagne has no secrets for her!



National licensed guide, Alexia started working with the company France Intense based on the Châteaux of the Loire Valley. After 3 years of experience, eager to enlarge her knowledge, she decided to turn to a region she really appreciated: Burgundy. Hard working and full of motivation she became the manager of the Burgundy region in 2015 with the agency « Divine Bourgogne Tours ».
Well served, this joyful guide will present the vineyards and the Burgundy heritage and history to you in a fun and exciting way. Passionate about the history of France as well as about the wines and the gastronomy; she also knows the way to share all the secrets and the richness of France such as Normandy, Alsace and the Bordeaux region.



Born in Rio de Janeiro, licensed in Design, I've arrived in France in 2010 to discover my ancestors' homeland. By chance I happened to work with tourists, taking them to the attractions and castles in and around Paris.
After spending 2015 as one of Veuve-Clicquot's cellar guides, in this year of 2016 I'll be presenting the treasures of Reims and Épernay to the clients of France Bubbles Tours



After a year in Montreal, where she finished her degree in English Literature in 2007, she realized, visiting Canada, that she didn't know that much about her own country, France. So she passed a master in cultural heritage 2 years after in Arras, Pas-de-Calais.
Passionate for travels (especially in English-spoken countries like USA, Canada or England), she became for 2 years a travel agent and, at the same time, was a guide for the tourist centre of Arras. That's when she understood that guide was THE job for her. So, in 2015, she obtained her national guide license.
Native of the North of France, she felt into the champagne in 2016 when she started to work for the champagne house Mumm where she was doing the visits of the cellars in French, English and Spanish. Today, she is dedicated to making you discover the Champagne region, always in an atmosphere of joy and good humor.



Passionate about culture, history and travelling as well as wine and food lover, I have worked abroad as a freelance Tourguide and Tour Director for some Tour Operators.
I later moved in the Champagne region, so naturally I chose to carry on working as a Tourguide.
I have worked as a Tourguide for Champagne Houses such as Moët et Chandon and Mercier for three consecutive seasons.
Dynamism and good mood which caracterise my personality, I will make you feel comfortable during the excursions, like my seriousness, my people skills and communication will make your visit the most enjoyable.
It is with a great pleasure that I will make you discover all the secrets and anectodes surrounding champagne. I will show you the lovely region of Champagne.



I'm Lucie, I was born in the Champagne region. I studied Tourism between Reims and Paris, and fell in love with wines and especially with Champagne. I worked for prestigious Champagne Houses, such as Martel, Pommery and Moët et Chandon.
Today, I want to share with you my passion with humour and a joyous and relaxed atmosphere, trying to make you understand all of the mystery behind the most famous sparkling wine in the world !



Having winemakers as ancestors, Simon's passion for wine was inevitable. He obtained a double masters degree in History and then dedicated the next chapter of his life to traveling.
Working his way down South America he witnessed and enjoyed many different cultures. During his studies and traveling abroad he had the opportunity to meet inspiring tour guides who motivated his decision to become a professional guide in his homeland.
While back home he worked vigorously to acquire his license to guide. He is now an official National guide who enjoys to interact with visitors from all around the world.
He is more than eager to share his knowledge and culture with others.



After a career in the U.S.A as a french teacher and a coach, upon returning to France, Annissa became a nationally french certified guide to share her passion for french culture, art, gastronomy and wine.
She guided in Bordeaux for two years, and decided to settle in Provence where her heart sings.
She is now our Regional Provence Manager and loves helping our clients experience the warm, diverse, beautiful and delightful provencial terroir and culture.